1. Handwashing
2. Blood Pressure
3. VITAL SIGNS: Pulse / Respirations
4. Anti-Embolism Stocking
5. Ambulate with Gait Belt
6. Ambulate with Walker using Gait Belt
7. Assist with Bedpan
8. Brief Change with Peri/Anal Care: FEMALE
9. Brief Change with Peri/Anal Care: MALE
10. Contact Precautions: Gowns and Gloves
11. Denture Care
12. Dressing Resident: Affected Arm (UPPER BODY ONLY)
13. Empty Down Drain Bag and Record Urine Output
14. Feeding Resident: WHILE IN BED
15. Indwelling Catheter Care: FEMALE
16. Indwelling Catheter Care: MALE
17. POSITION: Log Roll Using Draw Sheet
18. MOUTH CARE: Conscious, Brushing Teeth
19. MOUTH CARE: Unconscious
20. Occupied Draw Sheet Change
21. POSITION: Lateral
22. PIVOT TRANSFER: Bed to Wheelchair using Gait Belt